PBS Kids Wild Kratts: Get Ready for a Wild Adventure [2023]

Are your kids Wild Kratts fans? Well, if not, they are missing out on a thrilling and educational adventure. This animated series produced by PBS Kids teaches children about animals and their habitats in an interactive and engaging way. Our team at Learning Game™ has been following this series closely and has gathered some tips and insights that will make your child's experience with Wild Kratts even more exciting.

The World of Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts is an entertaining educational TV show that allows children to explore and learn about a wide array of creatures, from insects to mammals and beyond. The show is hosted by the Kratt brothers, Chris and Martin, who embark on exciting adventures to save animals in distress. The brothers have incredible powers, giving them the ability to turn into creatures and explore their world. This aspect of the show truly captures the imagination of children while teaching them valuable lessons about animals.

Where to Watch Wild Kratts

You can find Wild Kratts on TV or online. PBS Kids features a library of episodes and games to enjoy on their website. Netflix also offers season one and two for streaming. If you don't have a Netflix subscription, you can also purchase individual episodes or seasons from Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

Closed Captioning and Audio Selection

PBS Kids understands the importance of accessibility. The show is closed captioned, making it easier for children with hearing difficulties to follow along. The show also offers an audio selection option for Spanish speakers, providing a wonderful opportunity for bilingual learning.

How to Get your Kids Excited About Wild Kratts

There are many ways you can get your kids excited about Wild Kratts. Here are some tips recommended by our team:

  • Watch the show together and encourage discussion about the animals they see and the habitats they inhabit.
  • Create a Wild Kratts themed evening with animal-themed snacks and activities like coloring pages, puzzles, and memory games.
  • Dress up as their favorite Wild Kratts characters, and act out animal adventures in your backyard.

Wild Kratts Toys and Merchandise

PBS Kids offers a wide array of Wild Kratts inspired merchandise for kids of all ages. From action figures to creature power suits, your child can have endless hours of fun with their favorite characters. You can also find Wild Kratts books and themed bedding, making it easy to surround your child with their favorite animal heroes even when they are not watching the show.

Quick Tips and Facts about Wild Kratts

  • The show was created by real-life brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, who have been making wildlife documentaries since the 90s.
  • The show won the Television Critics Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming in 2012.
  • You can watch Wild Kratts on the PBS Kids website, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play.
  • The show is recommended for children ages four to eight.
  • The show teaches children valuable lessons about animals and their habitats while capturing their imaginations.

Our Verdict

Wild Kratts is an excellent educational tool for children to learn about animals and their habitats in a fun and interactive way. The show is captivating for children and adults alike. The Kratt brothers did an outstanding job of putting together a series that teaches valuable lessons while creating a sense of adventure. The accessibility features of the show make it inclusive for all and perfect for bilingual learning. We highly recommend Wild Kratts to parents who want to introduce their children to the wonders of wildlife.

So, go ahead and embark on a Wild Kratts adventure today!


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