Why was PBS Kids Go Shut Down? [2023]

Why was PBS Kids Go shut down?

Have you ever wondered why PBS Kids Go, the popular children's programming block, was shut down? In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the discontinuation of PBS Kids Go and delve into the impact it had on young viewers and their families. Join us as we explore this topic and provide you with comprehensive information and insights.


Why was PBS Kids Go shut down?,Introduction

PBS Kids Go was a multi-platform service that provided content for older children within the PBS Kids lineup. It offered educational programming, interactive games, and engaging activities for kids aged 6 to 8. However, in recent years, the service was discontinued, leaving many puzzled about the reasons behind the decision. Our team has conducted extensive research to shed light on this matter and provide you with all the information you need.

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Launched in 2004, PBS Kids Go was created as a digital extension of the PBS Kids brand. It aimed to offer age-appropriate content and activities for older children who were transitioning from preschool to elementary school. The service provided highly educational and entertaining content to engage kids in a fun, interactive manner.

Reasons for Discontinuation

While PBS Kids Go had a loyal following, several factors led to its discontinuation. Let's explore some of the key reasons behind this decision:

  1. Shifting Technology and Consumer Preferences: As technology advanced and the digital landscape evolved, viewing habits changed. Children started consuming content on a variety of platforms, including streaming services and dedicated apps. PBS Kids Go struggled to keep up with these rapidly changing trends.

  2. Resource Allocation: PBS Kids Go required significant resources to maintain and update the platform. With limited resources available, PBS made the decision to allocate those resources to other initiatives that would have a broader impact on children's educational programming.

  3. Funding Challenges: Public broadcasting relies heavily on government funding, corporate sponsorships, and viewer contributions. As funding priorities shifted, PBS had to make difficult decisions about where to allocate its resources. Unfortunately, PBS Kids Go did not receive the necessary funding to continue its operations.

  4. User Engagement: While PBS Kids Go had a dedicated audience, the service struggled to attract new users. The changing media landscape made it increasingly challenging to compete with other digital platforms that catered specifically to children's programming.

Impact on Viewers and Their Families

The discontinuation of PBS Kids Go had both positive and negative implications for viewers and their families. Let's take a closer look at the impact:


  • Introduction to the Digital World: PBS Kids Go introduced children to the world of digital media in a safe and educational manner. It provided interactive games and activities that encouraged learning while having fun.

  • Engaging Content: Viewers had access to a diverse range of high-quality educational programs and engaging content. PBS Kids Go aimed to foster a love for learning and provide children with positive, enriching experiences.


  • Loss of Familiar Platform: The discontinuation of PBS Kids Go meant that viewers lost access to the programming and digital activities they had grown accustomed to. For children who had developed a connection with the platform, this loss might have been disappointing.

  • Transition Challenges: PBS Kids Go was specifically designed to bridge the gap between preschool and elementary school. Its absence might have created a void in the educational content available for children within this age range.

  • Navigating New Platforms: With the need to explore alternative platforms, families had to adapt to new interfaces and possibly pay for subscription-based services. This transition might have presented challenges for some families.

What Replaced PBS Kids Go

In place of PBS Kids Go, PBS introduced a new service called PBS Kids Games. This online platform provides a wide range of educational games, activities, and resources for children. PBS Kids Games offers intuitive navigation, captivating content, and a safe environment for young learners to explore.

The new service aims to cater to the changing needs and preferences of young viewers while embracing the ever-evolving digital landscape. By providing engaging, educational content, PBS Kids Games ensures that children can continue to learn and grow through interactive experiences.


Did PBS Kids get shut down?

No, PBS Kids as a whole did not get shut down. PBS Kids Go, a specific programming block within the PBS Kids brand, was discontinued. PBS Kids continues to provide educational programming and resources for children of all ages.

When was PBS Kids Go discontinued?

PBS Kids Go was discontinued in 2013. The decision to end the service was made by PBS in response to changing media consumption habits and resource allocation challenges.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • PBS Kids Go was a multi-platform service that targeted children aged 6 to 8, offering educational programming, interactive games, and activities.
  • The discontinuation of PBS Kids Go was influenced by factors such as shifting technology, resource allocation, funding challenges, and user engagement.
  • PBS Kids Games replaced PBS Kids Go and provides a wide range of educational games and activities for children.


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