Can I play PBS KIDS for free? [2023]

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If you’re a parent or caregiver looking for free educational content for your child, you may have come across PBS KIDS. PBS KIDS is a popular educational platform that offers a wide range of interactive games, videos, and activities for children of all ages. In this article, we’ll explore whether you can play PBS KIDS for free, how to access it, and all the benefits it has to offer. Let’s dive in!

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As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of finding quality educational content for our little ones. PBS KIDS is a brand that is widely recognized for its commitment to providing educational and entertaining media for children. With a focus on early learning, PBS KIDS offers a range of engaging activities and games that can help children develop essential skills while having fun. But can you play PBS KIDS for free? Let’s find out!

How to Access PBS KIDS

Good news! PBS KIDS is completely free to access. You can visit their website at and start exploring the various games, videos, and activities without any cost. No subscriptions, no hidden fees.

Benefits of PBS KIDS

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PBS KIDS offers a wide range of benefits for both children and parents. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key advantages:

  1. Educational Content: PBS KIDS is known for its high-quality educational content that aligns with important learning goals. The games and activities are designed to teach various subjects, including math, science, reading, and social-emotional skills.
  2. Age-Appropriate Content: PBS KIDS provides content tailored to different age groups, ensuring that the activities and games are suitable for your child’s developmental stage. Whether your child is a preschooler or in upper elementary, there’s something for everyone.
  3. Interactive Learning: The interactive nature of PBS KIDS games and activities encourages active engagement and participation. This hands-on approach enhances your child’s learning experience and keeps them entertained.
  4. Safe and Ad-Free Environment: PBS KIDS prioritizes the safety of children by offering a completely ad-free environment. You can feel confident letting your child explore PBS KIDS without worrying about inappropriate content popping up.
  5. Trusted Brand: As a trusted educational brand, PBS KIDS has been delivering quality content for decades. Their programs and games have been used by educators and parents alike to support children’s learning.

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Apart from accessing PBS KIDS through their website, you can also explore the world of PBS KIDS through their apps. PBS KIDS offers a range of free apps for mobile devices that provide a more immersive learning experience. Some of the popular PBS KIDS apps include:

  • PBS KIDS Games: A collection of interactive games covering various educational topics.
  • PBS KIDS Video: Access to a vast library of educational videos from popular PBS KIDS shows.

These apps offer additional features and content that extend the learning experience beyond what’s available on the website.

Check out PBS KIDS in:

Can I play PBS KIDS for free?,Check out PBS KIDS in:

In addition to their website and apps, PBS KIDS can be accessed on various platforms. Here are a few ways to enjoy PBS KIDS content:

  • Television: Check your local listings to find out if PBS KIDS programming is available in your area. Many PBS member stations offer dedicated channels for young viewers.
  • Streaming Services: Some streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, offer a selection of PBS KIDS content for streaming with a subscription. Check out what’s available in your region.
  • Smart TVs and Devices: Many smart TVs and devices, such as Roku and Amazon Fire TV, have dedicated PBS KIDS apps that allow you to stream their content directly on the big screen.


How do I get access to PBS KIDS?

Getting access to PBS KIDS is as easy as visiting their website at You can start exploring their games, videos, and activities without any cost or subscriptions.

Can I stream PBS KIDS on my TV?

Yes, you can stream PBS KIDS on your TV through various methods. Check your local listings for PBS member stations that offer dedicated channels for young viewers. Additionally, streaming services like Amazon Prime Video may have a selection of PBS KIDS content available for streaming.

How can I watch PBS KIDS without Internet?

If you’re looking to enjoy PBS KIDS content without an internet connection, you can download the PBS KIDS Video app on your mobile device. The app allows you to download episodes and videos to watch later when you’re offline.

Quick Tips and Facts

  • PBS KIDS offers a wide range of educational content for children, including games, videos, and activities.
  • Their content is free to access through their website and apps.
  • PBS KIDS provides a safe and ad-free learning environment for children.
  • The interactive nature of PBS KIDS content promotes active engagement and learning.
  • In addition to the website, you can access PBS KIDS content through their apps, on TV, and through streaming services.

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